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Open Data Supply: Enriching the usability of information

phoensight-open-data-supply-report-cover-cmpOpen data has an instrumental role to play in our digital revolution. It can create unprecedented opportunities for organisations to strengthen their analytics and decision making.

This report uses a data-centric approach to examine the usability of information by considering how open data could better facilitate data-driven innovations and further boost our economy. It directly assesses the state of government open data today and suggests ways in which data providers could supply open data to optimise its use. A number of useful measures of information usability such as accessibility, quantity, quality and openness are presented which together contribute to the Open Data Usability Index (ODUI).

With over two million government datasets from Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States assessed against the open data usability framework, never before has such an extensive analysis been undertaken. As countries become increasingly committed to initiatives around open government, there is almost no information as to how much data countries should release in order to achieve optimal transparency. This report attempts to estimate the total supply of government open data for maximum government openness and economic benefit.

A comprehensive assessment of open data usability has been developed and is expected to be a critical step in taking the open data agenda to the next level.